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Logarska dolina

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Logarska dolina is with valleys Robanov kot and Matkov kot one of the three valleys in the Solčava region. It is an alpine glacial valley located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps or Upper Savinja Valley and is divided by name into the lower part of Log (wet, loamy grassy world), the middle part of Plest (mostly forested world) and the upper part of Logarski Kot (forested and gravelly world).

Individual homesteads in the valley have a total population of 35. The valley was protected in 1987 as a landscape park, stretching for 24 km².

Logarska dolina is surrounded by the peaks Strelovec (1763 m n.v.), Krofička (2083 m n.v.) , Ojstrica (2350 m n.v.) , Lučka baba (2244 m n.v.), Planjava (2394 m n.v.) , Brana (2252 m n.v.) , Turska gora (2251 m n.v.) , Mrzla gora (2203 m n.v.). It ends in the canopy below the Okrešelj gorge, where the longest completely Slovenian river Savinja (3 ° C) originates at 1280, and in several waterfalls, the lower Rinki falls into a shallow pool and onwards a torrent bed through the Logar Valley.

About 8 km long educational trail leads along the valley, which leads past attractions: the source of the Črna stream, wooden rice, bull autumn, charcoal huts and up to the Rinka waterfall in Logarski Kot.

In winter, cross-country ski trails are arranged (~ 15 km n.v.)

The Logarska valley is a tectonic formation formed as a result of tectonic cracks in the parent rock - various limestones. The last important designer of the valley was the glacier. From the glaciation period we have the most traces from the youngest geological period, the Pleistocene. The ice, which began to slide down the slope to the bottom of the upper part of the valley, then moved down the valley and slowly filled it. He sanded the base and took stones with him from the surrounding slopes, which mainly caused the valley to expand. As a result, the glacier left behind the deposited material after each thaw. Glacier deposits are characterized by large rocks - boulders. You can see them all over the valley, many of them on the left side of the road just before you reach the entrance to the valley. Morena is an applied stone of various sizes, which differs from other deposits by its unboundness and unsortedness. It is found above the Logar farm, from where it stretches along the slope to the lake. We come across it even 200 m above the valley bottom, which shows us the highest state of ice, when the glaciers from Matkov kot and Logarska dolina merged and were stopped by Socka, a narrow valley towards Solčava. The glacier was dammed and thus thickened. A lake was formed behind the moraine left by the retreating glacier in the lower part of the valley. The banded lake clay, which today makes up most of the Log, was deposited here.

The glacier, with such action, carved out the valley in its present form. It is characterized by rock thresholds and ridges above them, from which streams overflow in waterfalls towards a more balanced valley bottom.


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