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Sabotin is a 5 km long hill-ridge in direction SE-NW along the right bank of Soča River (virtual excursion). Along the bottom of the steep and rocky north-east slope of Sabotin and above the right bank of Soča River is a railway which leads over the stone bridge with World’s largest stone arch to Nova Gorica. The south-east side of the ridge with the highest peak with the elevation of 609 m is rising over Solkan. The summit of Sabotin is nowadays open state border between Italy and Slovenia. To the summit of the mountain leads an asphalt covered narrow road. There is a mountain hut and Open air museum dedicated to the First World War.
The area of Sabotin was very soon after the Italian attack on May 23rd 1915 and the First Isonzo battle on June 23rd 1915 the place with the wrathful battles. When the defenders retreated, Italians modified the existed caverns and trenches to the artillery positions from which they shelled the Austro-Hungarian position on Sveta Gora above the left bank of Soča River.

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