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Debela griža je

The low-lying prehistoric hill fort Debela Griža nearby the village Volčji Grad is the ruins of once powerfully fortified ring dating from Bronze and Iron Ages. It protected the settlement within, or may have offered a place of refuge to the inhabitants of the time in the event of attack. It was erected on a barely perceptible rise and is notable among hill forts for its shape, size and extent of preservation. Local residents call the place Debela Griža since the term »griža« in the local dialect means a pile of stones and the place where the hill fort lies is called »Ozidje« (surrounding wall). The stone embankment is folded into one wall, and in three places, at both entrances, into a double wall with and exterior circumference of about 850 meters and an interior one of 680 meters. Altogether there are 1100 meters of wall. Depending on the natural conditions and the shape of the terrain, the wall varies in height from two to seven meters, and was likely even higher during the time of the settlement. The ruins visible today extend from 5 to 15 meters in width and show traces of the original step-like construction throughout their length. The total volume of stone used for the building of the structure is more than 60000 cubic meters.

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