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Pokljuka (Koprivnik)

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Koprivnik in Bohinj is a settlement on the southern slope of Pokljuka in the Municipality of Bohinj.

The settlement originated from a former pasture settlement. The farms are arranged around a field in a small basin of Mrzli potok. The population, which has been steadily declining since 1945 due to emigration, is mainly engaged in mountain livestock farming and forestry. There used to be a windmill in the village, which was later demolished.

The origin of the name is not exactly explained, but we know several hypotheses. According to the first explanation, the name has nothing to do with nettles. It was formed due to various water sources. During a severe storm, a torrent called Kroparca flows across Koprivnik. When it sticks, it foams a lot, much like dill foams. Originally, the name of the village was Kropivnik, later it was renamed Koprivnik due to traffic. Another explanation says that Koprivnik is connected with nettles. Until the first immigrants, it was only a mountain on which farmers grazed cattle and fertilized grass. However, since the only plants that grow around manures are nettles, the village was also named after them.

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