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The Martuljek waterfalls could be said to be real pearls of the Slovenian Alpine world. Due to the beautiful and easy access through the picturesque gorge, the lower ~ 30 m high Martuljek waterfall (basically two waterfalls) was a popular excursion point. Geomorphological processes in the gorge are intense and the path through the Martuljek gorge is very dangerous today due to falling rocks. With a little more fitness, the upper waterfalls of Martuljek Potok are also relatively easily accessible. The upper waterfall is over 100 m high and consists of four stages. The upper part hidden in a deep notch in the rock is 34 m high. The waterfall then turns almost perpendicular in successive 15-meter and 5-meter steps and then continues to the highest 48 m high lower level, which is enclosed in a narrow gutter and falls into a rock-strewn pool.

ACCESS: The most beautiful path was once before, today (April 2009) the decaying Špik boarding house in Gozd Martuljek, right next to the main road. After only ten minutes of moderate walking, you can reach Martuljek stream along the forest path. Here we go over a wooden bridge. The board of the Triglav National Park gives us a description of Martuljek waterfalls. Once a well-kept and very picturesque path, it led through a more than 300 meters long and more than 100 meters deep Vintgar - Martuljek Gorge. Today, due to intensive geomorphological processes, the path through the gorge is deadly - the local community tries to repair the path through the gorge every year, but the real danger is the threatening, unstable walls above the path.

For a safe path, it is necessary to choose a forest path from Martuljek, which goes towards the mountain Jasenje. After 1400 m, a path branches off from the path, which leads below the Lower Martuljek Waterfall. A few minutes of descent and we are already under the waterfall. Although access is secured, it can be extremely dangerous because it is crunchy and also slippery. A careless visitor can quickly slip into the deep - very dangerous! After a few minutes of moderate ascent back, the trail joins the forest path to the left towards the Jasenje mountain. It is only a ten minute walk along the cart track and we are already at the crossroads. The left path leads to the mountain, from where we can continue the path towards Beli potok. The right path leads to the upper Martuljek waterfall and Aku. Until then, the path is almost walking, but here it turns into a fairly steep path, which also requires some physical fitness and, of course, suitable hiking shoes. After half an hour of ascent we come to a new fork in the road. To the right is a turnoff for Ak, and to the left is a flat path towards the upper Martuljek waterfall. Just before the foot of the waterfall, the path descends slightly to the stream itself and then across it along a climbing path, secured with steel braids and wedges, to a shallow pool. The whole waterfall is best seen if we do not follow the climbing path, but when crossing the stream we take it over the overgrown scree to the left.

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