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Dvojno jezero

Dolina Triglavskih jezer

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Dvojno jezero ('The double lake') comprises the "Fifth" and "Sixth" Triglav Lake. The lake is located at an altitude of 1680 m, on the lower, southern side of the 5.5 kilometers long Dolina Triglavskih jezer ('Triglav Lakes Valley'). South-west of Dvojno jezero passes Dolina Triglavskih jezer into Lopučniška dolina, which descends towards the Seventh Triglav Lake – Črno jezero. To the east of the 5th lake, is Mala Tičarica (2071 m), which slope extends all the way to the lake shore. The Fifth and Sixth Triglav lake are only joined into a single lake with high water level. In the second half of the summer, the water level is lowered and a poorly permeable embankment detaches a single lake into two smaller lakes.

Dvojno jezero is at a high water level, in the north-south direction, 330 m long and 120 m wide at the widest point in the eastern west. The depth of the lake is about 7 m in relation to the water level. The lake is wit the karst feature with an underground water outlet in the direction of the karst spring of Savica (Savica waterfall). It is interesting that the underground hydrological connection avoids the lower lying Black Lake (B. Erhatič)

Eighty meters north of the lake stands mountain hut "Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih", which is one of the oldest mountain huts in Slovenia. Passing the lake leads from the upper part of the Triglav Lakes Valley Slovenian geological path, which continues to the west towards the Lopučnik valley.

literature: (B. Erhatič, 2010, Geomorphological Heritage in the Valley of Triglav Lakes, Geography of Slovenia 23)

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