Veli Badin

(rock shelters and the natural stone bridge)

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Boštjan Burger, geografske vizualizacije

Rock shelters of the Karst ridge of Veli Badin at Socerga are a great natural sight of Slovenia. Local people have named this rock shelters with 'Ears of Istria'. This place is away from the tourist routes and just a few people know that beside rock walls there is also a natural made stone bridge.

Warning: this area is the nesting place of shyly birds. In a time of nesting the access to the rockshelters is not allowed. Read more from the panel below the rockshelters.

The main feature of the 28 high Karst ridge of Veli Badin are three huge rock shelters which are 17 m high and the widest one is about 90 m wide. The lengh of the karst ridge from natural stone bridge (elevation 234 m) to Sv. Kirik church (altitude 407 m) is about 2 km; azimuth = 300°. There are additional rock shelters but not so huge are the three mentioned ones.
Rock wall is made of alveolina limestone (1Pc,E) with some tracks of marl limestone. Rockshelters have a cave morphology with stalactites and some other cave features. Some solitary stones on the top of the ridge are shaped like the sculptures on the Ester Island.

geologija alveolinski apnenec
lokacija vzorca:
45° 27` 28`` N
13° 55` 03`` E
nadmorska višina 325 m
alveolina limestone
location of the sample:
45° 27` 28`` N
13° 55` 03`` E
altitude 325 m
Paleocenske in eocenske alveoline ločimo po tem, da so paleocenske na splošno manjše.
Palaeocenne and eocene Alveoline are differentiated by the size. Palaeocene ones are generally smaller.

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