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Source of Soča river

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Overall Height: ?
Tallest Single Drop: ~ 10 m
Total Number of Drops: 1
Waterfall Type: plunge
Watercourse: Soča
Average Width: NA
Volume : NA
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: spring time
Known Alternate Names: Waterfall below the Soča river spring.
Lokacija: TNP, Vrata (GPS WGS 84)
N:46°24'44" :: E:13°'43'40"
Elevation (bottom) ~ 1087 m

The source of the Soča collects water from below the mountain range, which stretches from Jalovec (2645 m) to Travnik (2379 m) and on to Mojstrovka (2332 m). The water that collects here rises daily from a cave (1087 m above sea level) at the end of a narrow gorge. In clear weather, the view reaches the spring due to the crystal clear water deep into the cave. As is typical of karst springs, the flow of water fluctuates greatly. From an almost flat and short gorge, water flows in a waterfall about 10 m high and continues its way through the forest.

ACCESS: From the Vršica road we turn towards Zadnja Trenta. About a kilometer long, narrow asphalt road leads to Koča at the source of the Soča. There is a parking lot at the hut, from where you can climb up the marked path along the rapids. Up to 10 m high waterfall below the spring is only a 10 minute walk. The waterfall is squeezed between rocky cliffs. At high water levels, it roars mightily into the valley, creating a damp curtain of 'millions' of tiny drops of water. The surrounding rocks are therefore very slippery. To continue the path towards the spring, it is necessary to wrap around the cliff. The path leads around it to the right and then up. No special footwear is required to reach the foot of the waterfall. A visit to the spring requires a bit more physical fitness and suitable hiking shoes. Although the path is adequately secured with wedges, caution is not superfluous.


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