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Vodine(1800 m n.v.)

Glacier "Ledenik pod Skuto" (~2050-2100 m n.v.)

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The former glacier 'Ledenik pod Skuto' was located below the northern wall of Skuta (2532) in the upper part of the former glacier 'Jezerski ledenik', extending in Pleistocene from the cirques below Skuta and Rinke mountains towards nowadays Jezersko. The remnant of this great glacier is the glacial valley called Ravenska Kočna and glacial valley of present-day Jezersko, where, until the Middle Ages, there was a glacial lake along which the homesteads of Jezersko (Anker - anchor) were situated. In the 1990s, the glacier was located above the area of Vodine (Ledine) at an altitude of about 2050-2100 m (GPS GPS Magellan 315 1999, B.Burger). As far back as the 1980s, the glacier below the northern slope of Skuta was also suitable for shorter summer skiing.

The systematic observation of the Glacier under Skuta has been taking place since 1948, when the first official measurements were made. At that time, the glacier *measured 3 ha, which means that by that time the glacier no longer met the glacier criteria and existed as a glacial name.

* The minimal criterion that an area of ​​permanent ice on a slope can be called a glacier is 0.1 square kilometer or 10 acres (USGS).

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