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Medvedja jama

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Cave Medvedja jama (also Mokriška jama) lies at an altitude of 1531 m (WGS84: 46,3088 N :: 14,5682E), on the north-eastern side of Debeli hrib pod krnico - Planina Ovčarija on the southern slope of Mokrica (1853 m n.v.), which is located in Farjevo the landslide ends above the Korošica valley. In the vicinity of the cave there are a few smaller caves and ditches - zijalk where shepherds used to store milked milk and food. The cave is known as a Paleolithic station from 35 thousand years ago (estimated, Brodar 1959, Gabrovec 1985) (younger Paleolithic) and is protected as an immovable cultural heritage. Archaeologist Mitja Brodar led a systematic study of the cave between 1954 and 1960. Traces of the dwelling of hunters from the Old Stone Age and a bone tip, as well as other stone artifacts, were discovered. Through research, Mitja Brodar proved that it is the same culture as in Potočka zijalka under the Olševa mountain ridge. The cave is ~ 40 m long. The ceiling of the cave is covered, but stalactite formations have not developed due to periglacial processes.

(literature: Cevc, T., Ancient human traces in the Kamnik Alps, 1997, ZRC SAZU)

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