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Kranjska reber (1435)

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Kranjska reber (1,435 m, IV.b.) is a part of the mountain ridge from the Črnivec (902 m n.v.) and Plešivec (1,329 m n.v.) passes in the south-west and further north-east to Lepenatka (1,425 m n.v.) and Veliki Rogatec (1,557 m n.v.).

The area of ​​Kranjska reber and the neighboring Kašna planina is a highland pasture. From the viewing peak there is a panorama of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the area of ​​the Gornji Grad, the Kamnik-Bistrica plain and the Ljubljana Basin.

Characteristic of the peak and the surroundings of Kranjska reber are exposed rocky monoliths of green slate. Kranjska reber mountain consist mostly of metavolcanic rocks that reach a thickness of hundreds of meters. They formed in the middle triad geosynclinal area of ​​the Alps. In alpine orogeny, they came to greater depths. Due to the changed P-T conditions, the volcanic rocks metamorphosed weakly. Today, Kranjska reber represents an independent rock block. The metamorphic rocks of the Carniolan ribs represent the initial part of the green shale facies, ie muscovite-chlorite subfacies.

literature: Hinterlechner-Ravnik, Ana (1978). Green slates of the Carniolan ribs. Geology, volume 21, number 4.


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