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Griža (117)

Monte Sei Busi

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On the area of Griža rising (117m), Italian “Monte Sei Busi" of the karst plateau Doberdob (Carso di Doberdo) are remains of the Italian fortified defense “line” (virtual excursion) with the concrete build trenches. The fortified line was stretching  from Doberdob to Tržič (today Monfalcone). The defense line was build by the order of Italian general Luigi Cadorne, which wanted to stop the threatened contra offensive of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

Nearby the fortified trenches is a dolina named “Dolina del XV Bersaglieri del Monte Sei Busi”. At the beginning of the war the dolina was controlled by the Austro-Hungarian forces. In the third Battle of Isonzo in the fall 1915 the dolina was occupied by Italian forces. In dolina was a centre with a small hospital for a medical assistance , the commanders office and the munitions warehouse.

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