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Črno jezero

Triglav National Park

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Črno jezero ('Black Lake') – The Seventh Triglav Lake. Črno jezero is located at the altitude of 1318 m above sea level, on the lower part of the overgrown, glacial restructured Lopučniška Valley above the Komarča. The lake is ~ 140 m long in the east-west direction and 70 m wide in the north-south direction. The lake is karst features with a great seasonal amplitude of water surface, which can be as high as 5 m. Water flows into the lake and flows through the permeable karst bottom to the Karst spring of Savica. It is interesting that the underground hydrological connection of the higher lying Dual Lake avoids the lower lying Black Lake (B. Erhatič)

Along the lake there is a typical karst landscape in the forest landscape. There are various microcroftic rocks on the rock, due to the corrosive action of water on limestone.

literature: (B. Erhatič, 2010, Geomorphological Heritage in the Valley of Triglav Lakes, Geography of Slovenia 23)

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