Sevniški grad

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Boštjan Burger - Burger Landmarks
Sevniski grad - The Castle of Sevnica
The Castle of Sevnica is situated on a rising above the old nucleus of Sevnica. Inside the castle are displayed museum collections with the themes of the history of firefighter's in this area, school and gallery with the paintings of painter Alojz Kranjc. Very special is a collection of the decoration art, which was collected many decades by Ivan Razborsek.
In the third floor of the south tract of the castle are the conference hall with old coat-of-arms and the hall with the late baroque frescoes 'The four seasons of the year'. On the south-west slope of the rising, below the castle is situated famous Lutheran Cellar.
Slovenija Sevnica gradovi::castles
Boštjan Burger - Burger Landmarks

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