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Rogatec lies near Donačka gora, at the confluence of the Sotla and Draganje streams. Due to its geographical location and as an important crossroads of trade and military routes, it boasts a rich and interesting past. Rogatec was a well-known military settlement in Roman times, and it experienced its greatest development as a border area and as the property of various landlords in the Middle Ages.
Rogatec was first mentioned in written sources in 1130, and in 1283 it acquired market rights, which makes it one of the oldest markets in Slovenia. During the period under the rule of the Counts of Celje, it was considered one of the most important squares in Lower Styria, where trade and crafts were in full swing. In the 15th century it was surrounded by walls to defend against the Turks. The walls were removed only at the end of the 19th century.
Today, the old market town, the remains of two castles, a church and other art and historical monuments are reminiscent of the heyday.

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