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Virtualni Muzej Jozeta Plecnika
Boštjan Burger - Burger Landmarks

As early as 1993 (field work '94), when the first Slovene virtual museum began - the Virtual Museum of Ljubljana (Ljubljana as an outdoor museum), I faced with a great architectural imprint left by architect Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana. With the introduction of the 360° Surround Photography technique in 1998, documentation of Plečnik's works began, but it was random and was included in the representations of Slovenian towns. The planning documentation began in the winter of 2000/01 with the documentation of Plečnik's house in Trnovo and the presentation of Plečnik's works in the Architecture Museum in Fužine Castle (Ljubljana). The project continued with the presentation of the Garden of All Saints at the Ljubljana Žale Cemetery in 2003 and the National and University Librariy in Ljubljana. In 2003, a two-year program of visualizing all known Plečnik's works from Prague, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade was prepared, but it had been temporarily withdraw from other projects.

The year 2007 was "Plečnik's Year", an ideal opportunity and motivation for the launch of the project "Virtual Museum of Architectural Works of Jože Plečnik ". The project started to be implemented in February and was intensively carried out by the end of December 2007. Thus, it was possible to prepare and display in the virtual reality the majority of Plečnik's works in Slovenia, using the technique of 360 ° Surround photography, which represents the first part of implementation of the project.

The visitor of the Virtual Museum Jože Plečnik can then view the architect's work and ideas with the "entry" into the immersive images, and create his own spatial perception of his architectural work.

The purpose of the visualization within the Virtual Museum of Architectural Works of Jože Plečnik is not "sterile" and timeless depiction of his works, but the integration of his architecture and urbanism into the time when documentation and visualization took place. Capturing the integration of his works into the life and beat of places with the method of spatial photography was demanding and "sterility" could not be completely avoided.

Many locations are better accessed, both temporally and resolutely, with a virtual tour, compared to a live view.

Boštjan Burger, December 2007


Addendum (eight years later. )


From Plečnik's year in 2007, I have complemented or re-documented locations, thus following the trends in the development of photography and computer technology.

In the past eight years, some locations have changed considerably or, despite legal protection, have disappeared.
Since the project was financially and timely demanding, in 2007 only 13.140 working hours (fieldwork and cabinet work) were invested in it only from the point of view of "time".

Boštjan Burger, January 2015



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