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Ceguvenški bajer pri Mengšu

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Ceguvenški bajer (also Jezero Pristava, Mengeško jezero) is located 1.5 km southeast of the center of Mengeš in the settlement of Pristava, just at the contact of the swampy area of Mengeško polje with the karstic hilly world, which stretches from Rašica to Gobavica. In the area of today's lake, there was a clay pit of the Mengeš Brickyard in the 1950s and 1960s, where extensive, up to 9 m deep hollows were formed, which were dammed to form the lake. The extent of the lake shore is 1080 m and an area of 3.7 ha.
The lake is rich in carp and grass carp and redfin, ski, catfish, pike ...
The Bistrica Domžale fishing family takes care of fishing.
The Ceguven pond was still a popular ice rink 40 years ago during the cold winters, when a thick ice surface was created on the surface.

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