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Korošaški slapovi (waterfalls of Korošak stream)

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Waterfalls of Korošak brook are a series of several waterfalls, which are of particular interest due to different shapes. Some act as rapids, others are like real bigger independent waterfalls. The most beautiful are after the rainy days when the Bistričica tributary, the Korošak stream fills its stream. They are less known or even unknown, although they are only a few kilometers north of Kamnik. (situation 1995)

ACCESS: From Kamnik direction we head to Stahovica. Then we go on a paved road (3 km) along the Bistričica brook to the Klemenčevo hamlet. Then 500 m after the climbing serpetine path to Kuharjevo Homestead. The way forward is not highlighted. Through the Kuharjevo homestead we reach the forest path, which slightly descends to the Bistričica stream (5 min). Possible (normal) access is by the foot of Klemenčev.

a. ACCESS PATH. Follow the marked path (not marked), to the right along the stream we steeply climb to the most beautiful waterfall in the Korošaških slapovi chain (additional 30 min). The waterfall is about 15 m high. In spite of the small flow of water, it is well sprayed in the fall over the rocks.

b. The "harder" access: Follow the brook to reach a narrow gorge in which we expect a smaller waterfall of 2 m high after 100 m. Continue on the left bank of the brook and after 10 min. walking the gorge suddenly closes and looks impassable. Only the noise of water indicates a drop of water. At the end of the gorge, a scree is visible from where the view opens to a double waterfall about 10 m high. After the melišču, climb up the rocks to the top of the waterfall. Care should be taken of possible drops of stones. Already at the top we see the next waterfall of 5 m high. On a grassy and steep bank, we rise above the waterfall. When climbing to the top of the waterfall, care must be taken of the grip, as the walls are extremely sharp and brittle. At the top of the waterfall a fairly wide and almost flat gorge opens. After about 5 min. we get to the escaped path

(below a.) On the right bank of the waterfall, then after the melišču, we rise steeply to the top of the waterfall, from where a beautiful view of the entire gorge opens. After only a pointed tread, we reach the junction of two smaller, very picturesque gorges with streams with a slight rise. Follow the one on the right side of the ascent, and after some 100 m, the gorge is steeply over and reach a narrow waterfall, perhaps 20 m high.

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