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Kokrsko sedlo (1793)

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Kokrško sedlo (1793 m n.v.) is a saddle between Kalška gora (2056 m n.v.) in the south and the south-east ridge of Grinotvec mountain, the ridge Dolge stene in the north and the pass between the valleys of Kokra and Kamniška Bistrica. In 1897, a mountain hut was built on the saddle. Today's mountain hut, Cojzova koča managed by the Kamnik Planning Society, was last renovated and enlarged in 1988. The mountain hut has 17 rooms with 105 beds, shared beds for 30 people and a winter room with 12 beds.

Access from the direction of Kamniška Bistrica: at 600 m, from the parking lot at the home in Kamniška Bistrica, along the marked path to the mountain hut - 3 h 30.

Access from the Kokra Valley past the Suhadolnik farm: at 900 m to the mountain hut 2 h.

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