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Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Mountain refuge under Skuta (2070)

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Alpine Shelter below Skuta ( 2045 m ) on Mali podi. 10 bed bivouac with 12 m2. Construction: year 2015. je

Bivouac under Skuta (2045 m n.v.) on Mali podi. The bivouac set up in 2015 is designed for eight mountaineers and has an area of 12 m2. It has 10 beds. It stands on the edge of the Mali podi below Skuta. It consists of three modules, the first of which is an entrance, a storage compartment for equipment and a cooking table. In the second there is a bedroom with a space for socializing. The back room is for relaxation only. Both side walls are glass and offer a panoramic view of the valley and towards Rinke and Skuta. The glass is strong, three-layered, the thicknesses are dimensioned and calculated according to possible extreme weather conditions that could damage the structure. The roof or facade of the bivouac meets ecological standards, as it is made of recycled material. While, the color and design of the bivouac coincides with the rocky surroundings, the minimalist interior is adorned with larch wood.

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