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Domžale 2018

Kamniška Bistrica River (from sources to the confluence with Sava River)

Straw hat making museum

Groblje (church, gigapix)

Krumperk (castle)

Železna jama (cave)

Babja jama (cave)

Pedagogical horse breed research center Krumperk

Krtina (gothic church, gigapix)

Central waste treatment facility Domžale-Kamnik

Virtual bike tour around Domžale (360° surround video)

Arboretum Volčji Potok in all seasons of the year- virtualne ekskurzije

Vanishing heritage : Kafutnik's homestad (3D model) je

Domžale is a town with about 12,500 inhabitants and the seat of the Municipality of Domžale. The town lies on the plain of Kamniško-Bistriško polje, on the right bank of the river Kamniška Bistrica, 7 km south of Kamnik and 12 km northeast of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Due to good transport connections, its proximity to the natural environment, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the proximity of the capital, the town is attractive for immigration.

Today, Domžale is known for small businesses, agriculture, light industry, and due to its involvement in the natural environment of the "green axis of the region", as well as a sports and recreation center.

Domžale is attested in written sources around 1200–1230 as Domsselsdorf.

The development of straw-making in the second half of the 19th century led to the development of the Domžale area, which was then considered one of the richest areas of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and transferred its status as a developed municipality to the former Yugoslavia. Domžale was at the end of the 19th. century world-famous center of the straw industry, which was in its heyday during this period. In 1891, Domžale took over the leading economic role of the area by building a railway connection between Kamnik and Ljubljana.

Domžale got a market place status in 1925, and the status of the town on April 19, 1952.

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