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Miha's homestad from 17th century
Kalce - Logatec

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Kalce - The remains of Miha's homestead from the 17th century along Tržaška Road.

In 2001, the Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Sovenia proclaimed Miho's homestead for the monument of national importance. The location was documented with surrouind pšhotography in May 2008, in March 2010 the building collapsed…

“Due to its cultural, architectural, ethnological and historical properties, the unit has special importance for the Republic of Slovenia. That is why we proclaim it a cultural monument of national importance with the features of the ethnological monument.
The characteristics that justify the proclamation of a monument of national importance: Mihova's 17th century Homestead is one of the oldest, solid peasant and still preserved Furman outposts that experienced their developmental summit in Logaška area. It represents a spatially rounded and substantively comprehensive, model example of life, work and construction method in the southwestern part of the Logaška Basin. ” (cited from: Official Gazette RS, No. 26/2001 of 12 April 2001).

Let's look at what the protection regime for Miho's homestead should look like:

protecting cultural, architectural, ethnological and historical values entirely, in their originality and unspoiledness,

preserving dimensions, primary floor layouts and original construction substance,

subjugation of each use and all interventions in facilities on the homestead, in residential and in commercial buildings, and in the courtyard space preserving and maintaining protected monumental properties,

Enable the presentation of the whole and individual protected elements and the accessibility of the public to the extent that does not endanger the protection of the monument.


The influence area of the monument is subject to a protection regime that prescribes:

the ordering of each use and all interventions in the influence space preserving and protecting veduts on the homestead,

Within the influence area of the monument, it is forbidden to erect facilities of permanent or temporary character, except in cases approved by the competent unit of the public institute for the protection of cultural heritage by prior cultural and protection consent.


Monument is secured in order to be:

preserve the cultural, architectural, ethnological and historical values of the monument,

Increases the testimony of a cultural monument,

presents the cultural values of the monument in situ, in press and other media,

encourages learning - presentation and scientific research work.


For any change of function of the cultural monument or its work and for any interference with the monument, its parts or land, prior written cultural and protection conditions are required and on the basis of the cultural and protection consent of the institution.

The competent authority must issue a decision on protection under Article 13 of the Cultural Heritage Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 7/99) within three months of the entry into force of this Decree.
The decisions referred to in the preceding paragraph shall establish the conditions for research, maintenance methods, conditions for interventions, physical insurance, legal transport, manner of management and use of the monument, access to the public and the time framework of accessibility, individual other measures and prohibitions for the most effective protection of the monument.
The protection regime may restrict property right only to the extent necessary for the implementation of the protection of the monument.
The inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Heritage shall supervise the implementation of this Decree.

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