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Stone rows of Palaggiu. Alternate names: Palaghju, Pagliaju, Paddaghju.
The alignments of Palaggiu are situated nearby local road from Sartene Tizzano in the department of Corse-du-Sud on Corsica. The stone rows of Palaggiu are the largest surviving collection of menhirs in the Mediterranean.
Monoliths were excavated in a time period from 1964-1968 by Roger Grosjean (see the Filitosa). From total of 258 excavated monoliths are 76 from a time period from 1900-1400 BC. Some menhirs are from Bronze Age from 1600-1000 BC (the time of Torreans invasion)
The alignment of menhirs consist of seven sets of double rows, the axes of which, with one exception in north-south direction. The bricks are aligned with the engraved image side to the east. The much smaller western stone row is arranged at right angles to what Grosjean seeks to explain the fact that these incompletely processed menhirs have served as a storehouse or warehouse for discarded stones. On the edge of the archaeological site are five stone cists, some with engravings, four stones were looted and destroyed. The fifth stone is a few meters from the northern group of the alignments. The three pillars similat to those in  "Filitosa " and "Cauria - the only ones on whom the sword and dagger are shown.

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