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Virtualna ekskurzija :: Virtual excursionvirtual excursion (2005)

"Laufarija - virtual guide to charaters"

Although Cerkno is far from the main transport connections in Slovenia, important migration routes from east to west once passed through this area. The place played an important role in the recent history of Slovenia. After the capitulation of Italy during World War II, it was an important military base here in the fight against the German army. The buildings from this period bear memorial plaques and each has its own story ...
Near Cerkno there is a ski center, where even in less snowy winters on the nearby ski slope with 18 km of ski trails, there is always enough snow for a good skiing. With favorable accesses and beautiful nature, the surrounding mountains are an ideal place for the first steps of the mountain, and the gorges hide undiscovered treasures of nature. There is also a rich ethnographic tradition of the place and its surroundings. Who doesn't know the 'Laufarija'?

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