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Bohinjska Bistrica is a municipal center with 1767 inhabitants.

The settlement lies in the Julian Alps southwest of the highest mountain of the Julians Triglav and the Pokljuka plateau, in the valley of the Sava Bohinjka between the hills Dobrava and Ajdovski Gradec and the streams Bistrica and Belica. Lake Bohinj ends the valley to the west.

Bohinjska Bistrica is an important tourist destination on the edge of the Triglav National Park and is a good starting point for exploring the Bohinj Valley and for trips to Črna prst, Vogel, Komno, Ratitovec and Lake Bohinj.
The Bohinj valley is also popular for walks, climbing and mountain biking from spring to autumn. In summer, the river and the nearby lake are popular for swimming, sailing, kayaking, rafting and fishing.
The cycling route runs through meadows to Lake Bohinj.

The Bohinj tunnel (6,327 m) begins in the settlement, which connects Gorenjska with the Soča region. The main road leading to the railway station divides the settlement of Zgornja vas and Spodnja vas.
There are three archeological sites in the vicinity of Bohinjska Bistrica, which testify to the early settlement of this area.

The archaeological site of Ajdovski gradec is a fortress from the 5th century BC east of the settlement. In the late Roman period, the fort served as a refuge. The remains of the fort are terraces and the remains of a defensive wall. Ajdovski gradec is connected with two prehistoric cemeteries.
The archeological site Selo near Ajdovski gradec is a site of the late Iron Age and Roman period. Traces of building layouts are visible on the terraced slope, and various objects have been found in the area.
The Telečnica archeological site has been inhabited since prehistoric times. There are artificial terraces on it, where various finds have been discovered.

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