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Bivak 2 pod Rokavi Na jezerih

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Bivouac 2 pod Rokavi Na jezerih (altitude: 2118 m)

The location of Bivouac 2 is at an altitude of 2118 m, on the edge of the ridge Na jezerih pod vrhovi Rokavov, Veliki Oltar, Dovški Križ and Šplevte. The bottom of the Krnica is a karst world with landslides and a small lake, which is rarely watery.

Access to the bivouac is via paved but unmarked paths, which in some places intertwine with "chamois trails". The most suitable access is from the Vrata valley, from Poldov rovt along the torrent bed of the Red Stream, which flows higher from the scree in a 20 m waterfall, right past the Little Matterhorn and up the scree up to the edge of the Krnica. Below the Little Matterhorn is a larger undergrowth, which can provide temporary shelter from the wind. From the Vrata valley to the Little Matterhorn (zijalka) there is a 2-hour ascent (1200 m above sea level) and then another 30 minutes in the direction of the ascent to the left from the scree to the town "Bivak 2".

The ascent is not demanding, but falling rocks can be very dangerous.

Bivouac 2 was built in 1937. The shape of the bivouac is a semicircular 3.3 m long, 2.9 m wide and 1.8 m high wooden structure covered with galvanized sheet metal. Up to 6 people could sleep in the bivouac. In 2011 the bivouac was partially renovated, in the spring, and in 2016 it was transferred to the Slovenian Mountain Museum.

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