Slovenija - slapovi (1993-1998)


Boštjan Burger - Burger Landmarks

Kloma is a very steep gorge which divides the high rock into two parts, Veliki Vršovec (1856 m) and Mali Vršovec (1466 m). It is a unique rarity of Trenta. The most beautiful view to Kloma is from Mali Vršič. From here, also tourists with no climbing ambitions can see the whole gorge. In spring and autumn, an expressive white flock of falling water can be seen. For accession to the lower part and lower waterfalls of Kloma, adequate alpine shoes and a little more alpine experience are needed, as we climb to steep pathless area. Only skilled alpinists with helms can climb there, as in certain intervals, stones fall from the abyss wall. Seeing this, somehow mysterious corrosion in the wall, gives us a feeling of our own smallness and non importance. On the height of 1500 m over sea level, there is the spring of permanent steep mountain stream, falling down the steep and deep corrosion as multi level waterfall to the sea level of 800 m. In summer, it is more modest with water, but through the majority of the year, the whiteness of falling waterfalls steps out of the dark rock corrosion. Kloma might seem to be unknown but it is known to climbers throughout Europe and means a right challenge to them. Ravine of Kloma with the waterfalls: Total height: 186 m - 610 feet. After the multi grade waterfall with height of 128 m (420 feet) there is a 34 degree slope, 20 m high. That is why this waterfall is "only" 128 m high.

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Overall Height: 610 feet / 186 meters
Tallest (multistage connected) drop: 420 feet / 128 meters
Total Number of Drops: 3
Waterfall Type: narrow stream
Watercourse: Kloma
Average Width: N/A
Volume : N/A
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: spring, autumn
Known Alternate Names: /
Location: TNP, Trenta (GPS WGS 84)
N (latitude) :46°22'44"E (longitude) :13°45'52"
Elevation: botttom ~ 755 m