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Slapovi Slovenije (1993-1998) Waterfalls of Slovenia

Slovenija|Triglavski narodni park (Triglav national park)|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls


360° Panorama:Ilovec
UPPER PART OF ILOVEC: "Wild waterfalls in a wild gorge" are the right words for the waterfalls of Ilovec and its left tributary Nakel. A lot of rubbel is everywhere and the path seemed to be unpleasent. But the noise of the falling water is a joy to hear it! Nakel brook has a serial of the cascades and waterfalls with the height up to 7 m (25 feet).

ACCESS to the Nakel and the upper part of Ilovec is the most rescomended from the sharp turn of the road from Log pod Mangrtom to the Strmec. There is a rut just on the "corner" of the sharp turn. There is enought place for a parking place inside the turn. The rut leads above the Ilovec brook and it comes after 10 min. of walk into the trail to the Ilovec. Riverbed of Ilovec is acctually a long geological break. Waterfall of 5 m (~17 feet) right at the and of the trail. To reach the Nakel brook a rubbel slope of 50 m must be passed and there is Nakel brook. Hike up to the stream is needed to reach upper waterfalls - 30 min. of hike - boots are strongly recomended.


The lower part of Ilovec is not so "wild" as the upper part. ACCESS is recomended from the Log pod Mangrtom. At the end of village just follow road to the upper part of Koritnica valley. Before the small bridge over the Ilovec turn left and after 30 min. of walk is 8 m (~ 27 m)

Waterfalls of Nakel brook (left tributary of Ilovec)
Slovenija|Triglavski narodni park (Triglav national park)|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls

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