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Slapovi Slovenije (1993-1998) Waterfalls of Slovenia

Slovenija|Triglavski narodni park (Triglav national park)|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls
Skočniki Belega potoka

Waterfalls of the Beli potok are a challenge even for alpinists. But upper waterfalls are accessible with proper boots and some physicall condition. Upper waterfall of the right tributary is something amazing to see - 35 m of the falling water into fantastic deep evorsion channel. Best starting point is as for the Martuljški slapovi, then to the mountain pasture Jasenje, over Zaprete and finally to the stream of the Beli potok. It is a hike (with the return) for 3 hours. Local map is recomended.

Upper waterfalls - right tributary - Zgorni slap -desni
Slovenija|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls

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