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Slapovi Slovenije (1993-1998) Waterfalls of Slovenia

Slovenija |SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls
Slapišče Suhe
The right affluent of Mostnica, deserves much more attention, than it has now. The lower part of the stream flows trought water channels and some smaller waterfalls.Water channels are not so impresive than water channels of Mostnica, but upper part of the stream with the waterfall (105 m) could be world famous. Waterfall of Suha (I named it "The Great Tufa" might be the highest tufa waterfall on the World. Suha stream flows, right from the spring, on a steep slope with the height 25 m, then a slope becomes even steeper and stream falls like a waterfall with the height of 80 m. Total height is 105 m

APPROACH:From Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) to the lake Bled and there foward to the "Bohinjsko jezero" (less than 100 km). From the lake "Bohinjsko jezero" to the Stara Fužina. Before the wooden bridge turn left and after 300 m is a parking place - fee in a Summer and no fee on foot. Asphalt road leads in direction to the Voje. After 30 min. of walking road becomes macadam and it splits to the right to Voje and to the left to the Great Tufa (Slap Suhe). Road leadst right to the bottom of waterfall. ( 60 min of walking) No special shoes or equipement is needed.

Overall Height: 350 feet / 105 meters Tallest Single Drop: 267 feet / 80 meters Total Number of Drops: 1 + ? Waterfall Type: fan Watercourse: Suha Average Width: N/A Volume : N/A Max. Recorded Volume: N/A Best Flows: spring, autumn Known Alternate Names: Suha Location: Bohinj N:46°18'21" E:13°51'45" Altitude (bottom) ~ 3156 feet / 945 metres
Water channel and waterfall at the lower flow of Suha stream
Klikni za pove?avo - click to enlarge End of the valley
Klikni za pove?avo - click to enlarge At the bottom of the Great Tufa of Suha stream
Slovenija |SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls

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