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Postojna is the administrative center of the Municipality of Postojna and the largest city or most important traffic and geographical center of the historical province of Notranjska.

City settlement with 9,804 inhabitants lies on a gentle slope above the bottom of the eastern part of Spodnje Pivka, below the southern edge of the Postojna Gate (612 m), where the most difficult is from the interior of Slovenia to the sea. The old (regional) road, highway and rail from the direction of Ljubljana, which is 48 kilometers away.

In Postojna, the Inner Museum with a permanent exhibition is the Museum of Karst, the Ben Zupančič Library and the Postojna Cultural Center with the event hall, which also reconstructs the work room of Lojz Kraigher. In Postojna, the Karst Research Institute, the ZRC SAZU unit, is based in the link between it and the University of Nova Gorica, in Postojna Karstology. Since 2002, the headquarters of the International Speleological Federation has been the seat of the UNESCO Karst Study Center (as the first of its kind in Slovenia) in Postojna.

Postojna is, next to the old town, surrounded by recent buildings, consisting of parts of Kozarje, Zalog, Kremenca, railway station, Gorizia, Mala Fužina, and in the north by the barracks of Baron Andrei Čehovina. Postojna also includes the hamlets of Ravbarkomanda and Mačkovec, both in the Postojna Gate. Near the town are Stara vas in the south and the Great Island near Postojna Cave.


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