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The Posavje Museum of Brežice is located in the castle of Brežice. Brežice Castle was first mentioned in written sources in 1249, and most of the work on the castle was carried out in the 16th century AD. no. and remained well preserved. The castle presents the heritage of the municipalities of Brežice, Krško and Sevnica from antiquity to the present day.

The castle exhibits some beautiful collections, archaeological and ethnological contents, such as:

Archaeological collection that preserves the remains of the Posavje settlement from the Late Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman to Slavic times,
A collection of peasant uprisings dedicated to peasant uprisings in 1515 (uprising for the abduction of peasant women and children in the vicinity of Brežice and their sale into slavery on the Croatian coast, as did the knights Marko and Štefan of Klis) and the Great Punt in 1573,
Ethnological collection, which presents the life of a peasant and his economic and housing culture, as well as professions and crafts with a short history of local winemaking and viticulture,
A collection of recent history representing the past in the 19th century,
Painting collection of Slovenian baroque masters, sacral and secular art,

An architectural landmark is the Castle Knight's Hall, equipped with beautiful frescoes from the early 18th century. It boasts good acoustics, with concerts of early music every year. It is intended for top cultural and protocol events. The castle has been used several times in the filming of domestic and foreign feature films.

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