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The heirs of poet Oton Župančič – two sons and a daughter – bequeathed their father’s legacy to the City Museum of Ljubljana. The legacy was displayed at the museum as the Župančič Memorial Collection from 1 October 1985 to 2000.
The display is an accurate re-creation of the poet’s home at 8 Veselova ulica in Ljubljana: the room to the right exhibits the artist’s study, which became, towards the end of his life, his bedroom; the room to the left represents the reception room with a library. In addition to many books, both furnished rooms feature some art works by Župančič’s contemporaries (Kobilca, Jakopič, Maleš, Dolinar). Panels and showcases present the poet’s life and work: his writing, personal objects, awards, gifts, and his drawings and watercolours.