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Mokrice Castle is located southeast of the settlement Čatež ob Savi. The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1444, although a fortress called Romula already stood in its place during the Roman Empire. This is attested in a map of 4th century maps called the Tabula Peutingeriana. Beneath the Roman fort lay the Roman settlement of the same name, of which several excavated objects have been preserved. Mokrice Castle stands on a hill above the right bank of the Sava River, and the etymology of its name refers to the once swampy, wet area around it. ("mokrice > mokro" = wet).
There is a crow in the castle coat of arms, whose neck is pierced by an arrow. Legend has it that during the Turkish invasions she flew to the castle yard or a fallen crow succumbed to the light of the invaders and thus warned of the impending danger. The manor is therefore supposed to give her a place in the coat of arms.
The first known owners between 1525 and 1558 were the Sebriachi. The last Sebriacher was Sigmund, who was no longer the sole owner. He shared the lordship with Morica pl. Rakhniz, Ferenc Tahi and Franco Baron Stattenberg. In 1559 and 1560 Ambrož pl. The Gregorian bought the shares until the ownership was acquired by Ana Marija Marčnik for unknown reasons, and in 1637 he ceded it to Jošt Jožef Baron Moscon to settle the debt. Whether Jošt Jožef handed over the lordship to his wife Barbara, and then Barbara sold the lordship to Nicholas Count Erdödi in 1687, or we do not know whether Count Erdödi bought the lordship. until 1882, when Beatrice Baroness Gagern was recognized by the charter. At a forced auction in 1915, half of the estate was bought by Alexander, Count of Economo, and the other together by Nicholas and John of Baron Gagern. Count Economo sold his half in 1923 to the Zagreb company Berger. In 1922, the Belgrade industrialist Miloš Rafajlovič bought a share from the Gager barons.
Today, the Mokrice Castle is housed in the Hotel Golf Castle, and a golf course is arranged in its surroundings.

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