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Der Hemmaberg, Gora sv. Eme (Junska gora)

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Hema (Der Hemmaberg or Junska gora) is 842 m high rising above the Podjuna. On the summit plateau was in a late ancient time a settlement with the complex of late Christian churches. The settlement was left out around the year 600. Nowadays this location is an important cultural, historical and archaeological place. Below the entrance to the 'Rosaliengrotte' underneath the ancient settlement is a water source, which served the lateancient settlement for the water supply. According to the legend water from this source has a healing power. In the cave is the chappel of the holly Rosalia with the statue from the year 1669. The present wooden chapel was built after a fire in the year 1926. the access to the chappel is blocked due the danger of the rockfall since 2019.


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